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Make title changes, copies, and inquiries without the legwork.

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State-To-State Transfers

When you request a state-to-state transfer, we’ll complete the appropriate paperwork, match any completed documents to the title, and send all paperwork to the address in the request. We will follow up to ensure timely completion with DMV until all efforts have been exhausted.

Name Change

If a name needs to be changed on a title, we’ll handle the necessary paperwork, match any completed documents to the title, and send all documents to the address in the request.

Transfer of Equity and Transfer of Lease

For transfers of equity or lease, we’ll complete the necessary paperwork, fill out the titles according to your rules, and send the documents to the address in the request.

Title Corrections

If there are mistakes on the title, we’ll work with the dealer or DMV to have the title corrected. For mileage, we’ll request the accurate odometer reading and have it corrected it on the title.

Duplicate Title

We can order duplicate and expedited duplicate titles based on the current title information.

DMV Inquiries

We’ll pull inquiries on your behalf. We serve all states except Alaska, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


When you request a retrieval, we’ll pull your requested titles and send them to your desired location without taking any written action on the title itself.

Title Services Follow-Up

To ensure titles are printed accurately and delivered to STA, we regularly follow up with the appropriate state until we receive the new/corrected title. We perform this service for state-to-state transfers, name changes, duplicate title requests, delinquent titles, and more. Our goal is for any title changes to be completed in a timely manner and returned to STA for any future requests.

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Get Secure Title Administration for Your Business!

We provide title management services to businesses and financial institutions, not direct to customers.
If you are requesting information for personal titles, please reach out to your local DMV.