Process end-of-term leases and repossession titles without the headache.

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Repossession Titles to Auction

We complete state repossession affidavits daily and send them, along with the title, to your designated auction house.

Lease End Term (Payoff to Auction)

Each day, we retrieve your requested titles from storage and send them to your desired auction house. Each account is updated with the FedEx tracking number and any additional details needed. We group all auction titles by the specified address for those requests and include a manifest inside the package.

Repossession- Title Flip

We facilitate the process of flipping a title into a repossession title. Once complete, we forward the title to the auction house, depending on your request.

Repossession Redemptions

If a vehicle is redeemed after being repossessed, we’ll flip the title back into the customer’s name per your request.

Repossession by Contract

Even when there is no physical title attached to the account, we can request and process a repossession title by using the contract to flip it into a repossessed title.

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Get Secure Title Administration for Your Business!

We provide title management services to businesses and financial institutions, not direct to customers.
If you are requesting information for personal titles, please reach out to your local DMV.