Release of Lien

Quickly release lien on title and mail title paperwork on behalf of lenders without the wait.

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Retrieve Documentation

We match the title and all other documents that must accompany a title on a paid-off account.

Maintain Compliance

When you need a release of lien, we will create one in accordance with state guidelines for you.

Send Documentation

Our team mails each title, along with other required documents, to the recipient designated by your customers.

Mail Letters for Clients

If you would like STA to send "thank you" letters to your customers, we help you generate and mail the perfect letter.

Release of Lien

We provide you the ability to release liens for paper and electronic transactions for both retail and lease titles. Expedited releases will be processed same-day.

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Get Secure Title Administration for Your Business!

We provide title management services to businesses and financial institutions, not direct to customers.
If you are requesting information for personal titles, please reach out to your local DMV.