Secure Title Launches New Website

Secure Title Administration Launches New Website

Secure Title Administration (STA), a leading automotive industry provider of lien title management, announced today the launch of its new website, The site launch comes as the title administration company moves to expand its current suite of services and product offerings.

Featuring improved navigation elements and greater detail for all of STA’s services, the site is designed for a better user experience both for existing customers and prospects.

“In today’s digital world, a business’s website is usually the first chance we get to make a positive impression on prospective customers,” said Mike Samaan, sales director. “It also serves as the foundation for our entire digital presence, the destination we direct leads to, and often the best channel for engaging with our customers.

“For all these reasons and more, we felt it was crucial to develop and improve upon our existing website until we were satisfied that our virtual presence matches the quality of our brick-and-mortar business,” Samaan concluded.

To learn more about STA and how the company manages lien processing and title management needs, visit

About Secure Title Administration

Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, Secure Title Administration provides lenders with transparent control over their titles while meeting all regulatory and legislative requirements within the title administration industry. Whether it’s electronic or paper lien and titling services, we have you covered from beginning to end. Let our team of experts handle your title administration work so you don’t have to.

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We provide title management services to businesses and financial institutions, not direct to customers.
If you are requesting information for personal titles, please reach out to your local DMV.